For passenger cars “ENGINE” PLUS

  • The ready-to-use tribotechnical composition is designed to process all types of internal combustion engines (gasoline, gas, diesel) cars with mileage of more than 30,000 km.

    Designed for 5l of oil in the engine lubrication system.
    Recommended price: 1490 rub.
    Reference: 7ND1712
    Volume: 50 ml.


Composition: nanostructure antiwear anti-friction repair and recovery composition NEODRIVE.

 • anti-friction (reduction of friction losses)
 • antiwear (reduced wear rate)
 • anti-seize (increase in ultimate load of setting friction surfaces)

Compatible with all motor oils used in the car, does not enter into chemical reactions with oils and additives, does not change the viscosity of the oils.

The tribotechnical composition of NEODRIVE is not an oil additive.

 • Reduces friction and wear on rubbing surfaces
 • Increases engine service life ……………………… 2-3 times
 • Increases the overhaul life ... 1,5-3 times
 • Increases engine power …………………………… 15-18%
 • Reduces fuel consumption …………………………………… 15-18%
 • Increases and evens out compression in engine cylinders to rated values
 • Restores the parameters of worn-out units and mechanisms without disassembling them
 • Reduces exhaust gas toxicity by 70-80%
 • Increases oil service life by 2-3 times
 • Facilitates engine starting at low temperatures
 • Eliminates wear during cold starting
 • Cleans the engine lubrication system of carbon deposits and tarry deposits.

Automobile engine processing technique

Engine processing can be carried out both in old oil (if before the next scheduled oil change at least 1000 km of run), and during a scheduled oil change. To obtain documentary evidence of the effectiveness of using the NeoDrive tribotechnical composition, it is necessary to carry out engine diagnostics before processing the engine and after processing (mileage of at least 500 km).

Engine diagnostics

The following parameters must be controlled:
 • cylinder compression
 • parameters of exhaust gas, СО, СН, temperature
 • fuel consumption
 • working oil pressure
 • working temperature of a cooling liquid

The sequence of application of the tribotechnical composition "ENGINE PLUS":
1. Warm up the car engine to a working temperature of at least +50 g.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Pour the nanomodifier contained in the vial (50 ml) into the engine oil filler neck.
4. Let the engine idle for 5-10 minutes.
5. Make 5-7 relapses.
6. Ensure mileage of at least 50 km.

1. If the oil is very dirty, treat the engine after changing the oil and oil filter.
2. It is recommended to carry out processing every 50-100 thousand km of car mileage.
3. It is advisable to combine engine processing with the transmission and fuel system.

50 ml bottle with cap and label.
Cardboard box with instructions for use.
Storage conditions: from - 20 to + 50 degrees.
Shelf life: 5 years. The date of manufacture is indicated on the label.

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