For cars "FUEL SYSTEM"

  • The ready-to-use tribotechnical composition is intended for processing the fuel system of internal combustion engines (gasoline, diesel) cars, four-cycle engines of motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, motor boats and other equipment.

    Designed for 2000-2500 kilometers.
    Recommended price: 1290 rub.
    Item: 7ND1718
    Volume: 25 ml.


Composition: nanostructure antiwear anti-friction repair and recovery composition NEODRIVE.

 • The tribotechnical composition of NEODRIVE is not a fuel additive, compatible with all types of fuel used in the car.
 • The tribotechnical composition forms a servo layer on the details of the fuel supply system (including the supply system to the nozzles, especially piezoelectric nozzles), thereby protecting it from premature wear, and in some cases, restores worn areas of rubbing parts.
 • The composition changes the molecular structure of the fuel so that the combustion process proceeds more fully, with an increase in heat transfer. Covers the surface of the combustion chamber with a layer of molecules that create the effect of repulsion of particles of burning fuel having the same charge. As a result, there is no soot on candles, nozzles, in the combustion chamber, rings, lower specific fuel consumption, lower coolant temperature, lack of self-ignition, reduction of detonation in gasoline engines, and mild operation of diesel engines.

 • reduces fuel consumption;
 • reduces harmful exhaust emissions;
 • restores and keeps clean injectors;
 • improves engine performance;
 • increases engine life;
 • removes deposits on valves and in the combustion chamber;
 • cleans the fuel system (jets, fuel pumps, nozzles, combustion chambers, candles);
 • restores the rubbing surfaces of cams;
 • increases throttle response;
 • efficiency after 5 - 10 km of run.

The sequence of application of the tribological composition "FUEL SYSTEM":
1. Processing is carried out at an engine operating temperature of at least +50 degrees.
2. Pour the contents of the bottle (25 ml) into the neck of the fuel tank at the rate of 1 bottle per 50 liters of fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel).
3. Immediately after the tribotechnical bay, the vehicle should begin to move (at least 25-30 minutes).

Note: after 2000 - 2500 kilometers, the procedure must be repeated.

25 ml bottle with cap and label.
Cardboard box with instructions for use.
Storage conditions: from - 20 to + 50 degrees.
Shelf life: 5 years. The date of manufacture is indicated on the label.

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