• The ready-to-use tribotechnical composition is designed for processing mechanical gearboxes, axle gearboxes, transfer cases for trucks and special equipment.

    Designed for 30 liters of oil in the lubrication system.
    Recommended price: $ 399.00
    Reference: 7ND1722
    Volume: 100 ml.


Composition: nanostructure antiwear anti-friction repair and recovery composition NEODRIVE.

 • anti-friction (reduction of friction losses)
 • antiwear (reduced wear rate)
 • anti-seize (increase in ultimate load of setting friction surfaces)

Compatible with all types of oils, does not enter into chemical reactions with oils and additives, does not change the viscosity of oils.

The tribotechnical composition of NEODRIVE is not an oil additive.

 • Reduces friction coefficient on friction surfaces
 • Recovers gears, bearings and other transmission units
 • Improves synchronizer performance
 • Increases vehicle rolling
 • Improves vehicle dynamics
 • Increases the overhaul life by 1.5-3 times
 • Extends resource many times
 • Reduces noise and vibration
 • Reduces fuel consumption
 • Protects against overheating
 • Car operation in case of emergency oil leakage is possible

The sequence of application of the tribological composition "TRANSMISSION":
1. Warm up the car. Processing at a working temperature of at least +50 gr.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Pour the contents of the vial (100 ml) into the standard filling device of the unit.
4. Immediately after the bay, the vehicle should begin to move (at least 25-30 minutes)
5. It is not recommended to carry out processing in case of mechanical breakdown of parts and components of the transmission.
6. To increase the resource of transmission units, it is recommended to process every 50-100 thousand km of the vehicle.

 • If the oil is very dirty, treat the engine after changing the oil and oil filter.
 • It is recommended to process the mechanical gearbox, gearboxes, axles, transfer case in conjunction with the processing of the car engine.

100 ml bottle with cap and label.
Cardboard box with instructions for use.
Storage conditions: from - 20 to + 50 degrees.
Shelf life: 5 years. The date of manufacture is indicated on the label.

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