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NEODRIVE - innovative tribotechnical compositions of the new generation, which are one of the leaders in the auto chemical goods market in Russia.
Our company has gained recognition among car enthusiasts, car service specialists and specialists in industrial enterprises.
Join our team and appreciate the benefits of working with us.


Own production

Tribological compositions are our main specialization.
Working directly with the manufacturer will allow you to receive quality products and establish stable supplies on favorable terms.



We are constantly improving - we are developing new technologies, improving the formulas of drugs and creating new compositions.
Each package contains the knowledge, experience and high qualifications of our technologists.

Our advantages

 • NEODRIVE formulations - innovative products
 • all products of own production
 • guaranteed product quality
 • reasonable price, high profitability
 • simple application in the standard operation mode of cars, equipment
 • a significant increase in the service life of cars, equipment
 • processing of friction units in one step
 • our support for your business


Simple and easy entry into the business

We guarantee easy interaction at all stages of cooperation and offer individual conditions for creating reliable partnerships.

Price policy

The pricing strategy developed by the company is focused on stimulating regional sales through the efforts of territorial dealers. Each partner is given a basic discount, which provides sufficient profitability to ensure its current operations and, at the same time, aims to work with wholesale and retail customers. You can obtain detailed information on cooperation with the managers of the company.

Stable growth

The right marketing policy, modern sales technologies and a proven product ensure our partners sales growth.


On an ongoing basis we carry out educational work among specialists, sellers and consumers. In an accessible form, we talk about our products and their promotion technologies.

Marketing support

We carry out promotions, provide advertising materials of various formats.

Becoming a dealer today is a great opportunity to start a business in the region.

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