Areas of use

Water transport, shipbuilding and port equipment

Hydraulic and pumping equipment

Mining, quarrying and mining equipment

Woodworking and woodworking equipment

Road-building, municipal and hoisting-and-transport equipment

Passenger transport


Power equipment

Housing and communal machinery and equipment

Metallurgical production

Oil and gas production and drilling equipment

Equipment for railway transport and car building

Heavy Engineering and Automotive


The use of NEODRIVE tribotechnical compositions allows specialists from all industries to solve a wide range of issues related to the operation of technological and auxiliary equipment, increase the time between repairs and preventive maintenance of components and mechanisms, and achieve significant savings in material and financial resources.



 • Compressors (piston, turbo, screw, steam, ammonia, air-piston, locomotive brake, excavator)
 • Pumps (delayed cooling furnaces, steelmaking furnaces, vacuum, axial piston, hydro, tick-borne cranes, machines for breaking the lining)
 • Hydraulic systems, hoists, presses, actuators, manipulators
 • Machine park
 • Diesel generators of various modifications
 • Rolling and plain bearings
 • Gearboxes, gears, multipliers, drives, couplings, spindles
 • gearing
 • Wheels, rails
 • Hot stamping
 • Metalworking equipment
 • Smoke exhausters and blowers
 • Hydromotors
 • Hydraulic presses
 • Hydroallocators of electromagnetic control of the main pumps of cooling furnaces
 • Electromagnetic control valves for pre-valves
 • Copy frames
 • Crank presses
 • Punching and crucible machines
 • Roof making machines
 • Oval cigarette machines
 • Cigarette machines
 • loading machine
 • Transmission of cars and tractors of any make
 • Radial piston pumps for drilling rigs
 • Power systems equipment
 • Internal combustion engines (heavy trucks, trucks, cars, agricultural machinery, marine tugboats, diesel locomotives, track layers)
 • Port equipment


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