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The scientific and production enterprise NANOSPHERA is a leader in the field of nanotechnology in the development and production of tribotechnical compositions under the NEODRIVE trademark and has a reputation as a reliable and time-tested manufacturer.

We invite to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation industrial, energy, metallurgical, agricultural, transport, car repair enterprises, utilities, oil and gas companies, with the aim of using tribological technical compositions NEODRIVE.


Becoming our partner, you will receive the following benefits:
 • special pricing conditions for the purchase of NEODRIVE tribotechnical formulations required for processing industrial and hydraulic equipment and machinery;
 • technical support, consultations, calculation of the cost rate;
 • Departure of a company’s technical specialist to enterprises to check and consult on the use of NEODRIVE formulations.

Our activities are quite extensive, so we are looking for dealers in all regions of Russia who have experience in retail and wholesale sales to promote our products.

We offer R&D to develop methods for using NEODRIVE friction nanomodifiers for equipment and technology.


To manufacturers

We invite manufacturers to cooperate to produce their own innovative products with tribotechnical properties under their own brand.

You are offered a development concept that can help in creating a long-term business strategy, entering new markets.


Having decided to become a partner of NANOSPHERE, you get the following benefits:
 • Hi-tech;
 • high quality raw materials;
 • providing samples for laboratory testing;
 • technical advice and support of the process of technology implementation;
 • favorable prices;
 • production logistics;
 • the ability to produce innovative products under its own brand;
 • Strengthening your development strategy;
 • Strengthening its market position;
 • joint marketing policy.


What distinguishes us from our competitors is that:
 • we are developers and manufacturers of our own products;
 • tribotechnical compositions are produced in the form of concentrates in the nanoscale state;
 • the warranty on our products is 5 years;
 • low prices for products;
 • we work directly, without intermediaries;
 • our company has established partnerships with partners of other states, we will assist in the entry of your enterprise into related markets.

Implementing solutions allows you to maintain relationships with customers over time.


The proposal of advanced developments and the availability of our own qualified specialists for their implementation increases the credibility of the company in the eyes of consumers and makes it easier to find new ones.

Close cooperation on the implementation of our developments makes it possible to quickly move from testing to production.

You save your time because we offer only advanced technology.

Enjoy the benefits of working with us!

To become a partner of the company NANOSPHERA:
call: +7 (495) 544-46-48, +7 (910) 416-14-41

 Do you have questions, suggestions for cooperation?
 Call write:   +7 (495) 544-46-48

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